Where this color come from?

A variety of plants have provided indigo throughout history, but most natural indigo was obtained from those in the genus Indigofera, which are native to the tropics, notably the Indian subcontinent. The primary commercial indigo species in Asia was true indigo (Indigofera tinctoria, also known as I. sumatrana).  In Central and South America, the species grown is I. suffruticosa (añil). In Europe woad containing the same dye was used for blue-dying. Several plants contain indigo, but low concentrations make them difficult to work with and the color is then more easily tainted by other dye substances, typically leading to a greenish tinge.

I love this color and in the last few days, I have been thinking about that. Why? Everything I looked catches my eyes to this color. So, I decided to write a post about this wonderful color and the meanings. I’m a fashion designer for 32 years and all my life I worked with denim indigo blue, our beloved jeans. I created a thousand of jeans pants to the companies I’ve worked developing design and laundry process. I really obsessed with jeans. Let’s take a look at what can indigo mean.

Indigo blue symbolism

Indigo is the color of wisdom and intuition. It represents an inner awareness of spirituality and allows for deep focus during meditation. … Those who feel connected to indigo are faithful, idealistic, and intuitive. They are truthful by nature and have sincere personalities.

Indigo appears between blue and violet in a rainbow. Purple grapes and blueberries are indigo. The deep blue of dark denim blue jeans is indigo.

Indigo is a cool color that carries the blue symbolism associated with the dark shades of blue. Indigo conveys trust, truthfulness, and stability. It also borrows some of the authority and royalty of purple, as indigo was once considered a royal blue.​

Indigo Color Psychology and Meaning: Indigo is a color that combines blue and violet. It has a strong association with the New Age and magic rituals, so it’s a color with a lot of spiritual meaning.

Intuition: Indigo can boost up the perception a person has of things and encourage unconscious processes, such as intuition. This means that indigo can help develop a deeper awareness of what is going on. It also encourages other states of consciousness, so it’s a good color to use for meditation.

Integrity: Indigo is a color related to devotion and helping others. It suggests fairness and impartiality. The color has a deep a quality that transmits wisdom and authority.

Arts: Indigo stimulates the creative part of the brain. It can help with spatial thinking. Among the arts, indigo is mostly linked to the theater, also has a dramatic flair. People who overuse indigo may also be quite dramatic.

Blue wood –  Photo by Inez R Devereaux
Blue art background –  Photo by Inez R Devereaux
Self-portrait –  Photo by Inez R Devereaux
waves on the sand ~ photographer Byron Jorjorian – Source Pinterest


Blue hands –
Shades of blue –


My blue outfit of the day:

Am i blue

Free people Metallic Blooms Peasant Top Oversize Blouse Ivory Blue Floral.

Reconstruct rebuild by myself.

Blue boots by Zara.

Vintage Dior Saddle bag Fall 2018 Collection.

Thanks for you reading! I hope you like. Free feel to leave a comment.

Inez R Devereaux




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