Dream of the day: Joshua Tree on Mojave desert.

I was dreaming I was in the Mojave desert. The most incredible landscape I have seen in my life! Since the first time I saw a Joshua tree, I fell in love. I made a search to figure out what this tree symbolizes. The Joshua tree symbolizes the strength and beauty that can arise from difficulties in the desert. This tree has grown in the direction of the wind rather than standing up straight. This is my motto! Like most desert dwellers, Joshua trees have developed a suite of adaptations to survive in the desert. Because there is no groundwater to draw on, the succulent (not technically a tree) lacks the deep taproot of plants that grow in wetter climes.  Flexibility is an important activity in my life. To be flexible against all the strong winds that I faced during my life and did not break.

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

A Joshua tree is a hearty desert tree that indicates perseverance, resourcefulness, and taking care of yourself.

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

”Having a dream about a Joshua Tree is a positive omen indicating that you are prepared for the challenges that are heading your way and that you are in a place in your life positioned to thrive.”

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

”Joshua tree are generally good omens for a dream but also call attention to yourself and resting when you are over extending yourself. Many people don’t know it but Joshua Trees have the same healing and calming qualities as St. John’s Wart. The trees are sturdy desert natives that thrive on harsh desert heat and lack of water.”

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

”Being in the desert has its own meaning and can be interpreted as the landscape of your life. When you are having many dreams or reoccurring dreams of Joshua trees this can be an indication of being or feeling desolate in your own life. Consider the meaning of a desert in your dream as well or the other surrounding. Sometimes the Joshua tree will be in a weird place – such as in a mountain forest or by an ocean. This is a warning dream that your life is about to take a change into a new direction and you need to be prepared for a dry spell ahead.”

All the photos were taken by me in my home photography studio. I choose beautiful images about the desert and used it to illustrate my dream. I think I am a kind of Joshua Tree, an interesting example of how a plant (in this case I) can adapt to different environments. This is me!

Thank you for your read! I hope you like and feel free to leave a comment.

Inez R Devereaux


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