Visual merchandise – part 2: How create a great VM with used clothes from different times and makes them so actual and shoppable like a new 2018 spring-summer collection?

Today I will show some examples of VM I have done. I like to tell the customer a kinda of history about what we talking about. What is the theme? Summer? Easter or 70’s? Can be anything we need to sell or the ultimate hit fashion style, do not matter what we need is create an atmosphere around the product. By telling a story, you help the customer better understand the product and enable the buying decision. One perfect combo to spring/summer is jeans and white. It’s classic and everybody like! In this picture below I choose a jeans romper and I accessorized with a blue hat and cute blue stone necklace. Another option I choose a denim dress and I put a beautiful blouse inside. The blue fringe necklace talks the same language! Most of the customer will ask to try on some of those separate products but my idea it was shown them more products as I can. These clothes have something in common, they are summerly, the colors match and they are very beautiful together. The pictures were shotted in different days and weeks.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux
VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Another option was a Tencel denim dress, blue denim color stone necklace. Below I framed a jeans article from a magazine and I display at the front table. Everybody see how jeans are fashionable again and create a desire to buy something like that.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux
VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

I did the same thing in the men’s section. All the clothes are in denim fabric and all accessories are blue jeans color as well. I used the same complementary color white. So, the entire store is talking about summer jeans outfits with perfect color harmony.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Here I am talking about warm spring/summer colors. I love to mix and match. I enjoyed the different patterns in 2 different colors. red and white and black and white. Staying in a singular palette will keep our outfit from looking thrown together. My pieces are warm and bright so, my complementary patterns that are in the same color story.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Plaid and stripes are one of the most versatile patterns ever created. Equally welcome in all looks from grunge to prep, to boys and girls and to a classic style. One more time, color coordination is the key. Red and white plaids with a white t-shirt with red details on text and besides the red and white striped shirt, red tennis shoes with striped detail.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Here is another history… At the endcaps, I mixed and matched navy color stripes at the tank top, anchor pattern in navy blue shorts and finalized with ruffles jeans shirt. Accessorised with a vintage leather bag and Panama cute hat. Pearls and pirates to open our imagination. But I continued talking about how we can use jeans outfits at the summer days.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

At the high shelf, I choose a vintage white shirt with a cowboy theme embroidered, leather high heels sandals and colorful leather purse.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Reminiscing 90’s and rock n roll nothing is better than denim vest and colorful stripes accessorized with floral baseball caps and orange chain necklace.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

This is a mix of grunge generation and rock! T-shirt, black and white plaid shirt, distressed jeans shorts and funny belt pack and spikes. The black leather beret is a must-have!

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

The BOHO style is the girl’s preference. So, at the table, I mixed colorful floral romper, beads belt, hat and a pink purse. The other girl, t-shirt, a cute blue and white cardigan sleeveless and mini skirt jeans.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

On the high shelf, I made a classic BOHO CHIC style, where a choose neutrals colors on the crochet blouse and on bags around.

This is my examples to create a great VM on the retail store. All these products are used and from different times but the way we can be combined it makes them so actual and shoppable like a new 2018 spring collection right?

Thanks for your read! Free feel to leave a comment to me.

Inez R Devereaux

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