Visual Merchandising Expert tips and tricks.

In my opinion, in considering the importance of visual merchandising on retail businesses, the single and most important reason is to engage and inspire our shoppers, to encourage them to buy more of the products increasing our sales, margin, and return at the store. By presenting your products strategically, you change the conversation from: ‘I want this’ to ‘I need this’.

I’m here to show you my expert shop window and VM photos, tips, and tricks. These are some examples that I’ve learned throughout my experience as a Visual Merchandiser and fashion designer for the past 30 years in the fashion industry.

Free people dress, J.crew dress, yellow sandals, leather purse, everything in color coordination.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.

For a creative mind, inspiration can come from anywhere. In this case, above, I just thought about spring coming, I choose two colors from Pantone guide color spring/summer 2018, 2 dresses color and pattern combination and put all together harmonically. On thrift retail store is completely different for regular stores. we have a  lot of clothes from various brands in different theme collections, colors, and patterns. The success secret is to put it all together like as they if was made from the same family ad the same time from the same collection theme and with coordination colors and patterns. Remember, color coordination is a number one trick. Depending on which colors you choose and how you use them, they can make or break a display. It’s fun to mix and match, but it must be done in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. While you want the colors to speak to your retail store’s unique brand, it’s important that they make sense to the customers’ eyes.

Enter a caption

Different shades and hues can attract attention, pulling customers into your store, or they can evoke emotions, providing a storyline for shoppers to follow and invite them to shop.


VM and photos by Inez Devereaux


Some details  in Blue Arcadia  – Pantone 16-5533
Hinting at retro yet at the same time modern, Arcadia is a cooler, cleaner take on the green that with its tinge of blue undertone takes us into a new direction for the spring 2018 season.


VM and photos by Inez Devereaux


Here I put it all yellow Meadowlark- Pantone 13-0646
The bold and lively Meadowlark, a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade highlights the spring 2018 season, glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us.



warm colors
Your window or front table display is the first impression your customer will have when they enter the store.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.


The way you group products on display can attract customer attention and even jump-start their imagination with ideas on how they can be used. Start by telling a story. In that case the yellow duck and flowers. I included an object in my display that will make the customer stop and look twice. You can Incorporate something that almost seems odd or out of place but with a kind of connection. In this fashion combo combination color I used warm colors as pink, red and orange.  To achieve this, I  mixed and match this warm colors that remind me of the sunset at the beach – pink, orange, a little bit of yellow and some red.


End caps.jpg
End caps using the same colors from the front table.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.


Use repeating colors in all end caps and shelves to create a powerful display inside the store and showcase a variation of products. Avoid mess. Ensure there’s adequate space around products you’re featuring — busy displays tell a muddled story and are less likely to convert browsers into customers. Aim to update your display at least once a week to keep attracting customers into your store. Bring your most current inventory or important pieces and color up front and center to lure even repeat customers in to see what’s new.


color combo
End caps with the same color from the front table. VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



end caps 2
All these images talking with other in color harmony and energy.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.


Other pictures my visual merchandise – Jeans and white.  The classic summer combo consists of crisp whites and adorable denim blues. For a quick outfit, a plain white skirt and a denim shirt jeans would be great.


Jeans and white
White cowboy boots and adorable hat give a Boho spirit.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



Jeans and white 2
On the back, I add a denim short and a white hat in the same color coordination.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



White dress in the hallway.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



I highlighted the embroidery on this front table.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



front table 1color
Coordination colors. VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



Color stripes sports mood. VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



Think pink and red! VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



mens think pink and red
Men think pink and red too! VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



Shoes and roses
Shoes, tricot mermaid scarf, and roses. VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



Black floral
The floral black dress, pink velvet legging and pink hat for a Bohemian style.VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



couple rose.jpg
Fancy outfit for a couple in the same syntony. VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.


Couple coordinating outfits.  Indeed, matching outfits have emerged as a popular style for lovestruck millennials and it is a good  VM trick to attract young consumers.


Embroidery jacket.  VM and photos by Inez Devereaux.



All this work ( VM and Photos) it was made by me for Uptown Cheapskate, Austin, TX.

I hope you like this post! Thanks for your reading!

Inez Ribeiro Devereaux


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