Check out of my backyard photo shooting


Photo alteration at Gimp


First of all, I am just having fun. Some days are so boring and I try to find something to do to make my mood up. Sunday…what can I do? I have no photographer to take my photos and I’m tired to take my photos in my bedroom, aka home photo studio. ok! let’s try something different outside the house. OMG! my backyard is not so pretty as I want! Anyway, I will do and see what I get!


Photo scene – Weird?

Yes! I did this. I put a head doll ay my tripod to give a focus. Ist so weird, I must confess, but they work for me. I also put a wig on her because she has no hair. It was funny! Now is my time to be a model. Strike a pose, Inez!


Too light! Not edited yet

At the place has too much light, and I can barely see my camera. A lot of sunlight but is okay, let do this. It was very difficult to do everything alone but my bad mood is gone. I was feeling excited to take my outdoor photos for the first time and I wanted to do beautiful shoots. I know I will need to do some retouch in my photo editor so I shot, shot and shot!


This pic has a filter and color balance


I add a filter and makeup retouch


Exploring photo edition



Just thinking about …




My camera is Nikon D 3200.

The dress I bought at a thrift shop.

My skirt is from Uptown Cheapskate, Austin, Tx.

My pink velvet shoe is from Nordstrom.

My denim cat necklace I made.


Thank you for reading!

Inez Devereaux




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