Omg! the plants “spring forth”now! Its time to dress flowers and colors, its time to make an upgrade in your wardrobe, but don’t worry! You don’t need to spend much mone for this.  when it comes to style and fashion, then it can be done by the old things or be buying new “old ones” and it is exactly what I do. I woke inspired today and I  decided to do a photo shoot with summer clothes. But, don’t think everything is new!

This golden sandal, for example,  I’ve bought in Brazil in 2014, can you believe me? This sandal is from an incredible Brazilian brand, the name is Schutz.

I like her a lot because the wide heel makes me feel safe and very comfortable. I really am no older for high and high heels, hell no!

My shorts are from Apostrophe and I bought at Uptown Cheapskate, Austin, Tx.

My cute top 100% cotton it is from Prabal Gurung. He is a Nepalese-American fashion designer based in New York City.  I fell in love with her at first sight.


I need to tell you. Plastic bags are so trendy now! Take a look at this site:

20. Transparent Bags
Transparent and PVC items were a key trend everywhere, from the spring 2018 shoe trends to the summer 2018 fashion trends, including as part of the summer 2018 bag trends. In addition to boots, and various clothing items, we saw all manner of bags – although especially handbags – made of clear, transparent materials.

So, I found this cute at Goodwill last Friday and I love it! The fake flowers I bought at Dollar Tree, of course, $1,00 each and I put inside my bag.

Yep! I built my summer outfit and I was very happy with the result. I also did other pictures with other clothes but with the spring theme and I will post soon. In fact, I need more time to finalize everything. Seriously, I had my whole Sunday spent in this joke. Makeup, hair, choose clothes, edit, choose shoes and bags … its a lot of work but you know what? I love all of this! I did this all my life working for money now I just do for pleasure! I hope you enjoy this post. Feel free to leave a comment! I will love!


* Attention to the detail of the remote control in my hand in photos that I forgot to hide! lol.

Thanks! Have a wonderful week!




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