MIXING AND MATCHING PRINTS AND PATTERNS IS FUN! How to mix and match prints and patterns.

One little detail is enough to make your outfit stand out. Today I show you an example of good outfits using the color trick: keep the family color together. Mixing prints, aka one of my favorite things to do!  Its a freedom, we can do this!  Maybe you’ve already seen this trend and thought there was not a solution how you could achieve this. You can mix different prints and patterns for without seeming silly or clownish. So smash the patterns and have fun! Today I choose purple, black, nude, deep blue and also I made a mix and match having fun with different patterns in my blouse, my boots e my fanny pack. I Kept my fabrics in the same color family. My top has an explosive print of flowers in shades of deep purple, yellow, deep blue and some shades of golden and green on a black background. My eco-friendly pants in ecologically synthetic leather are black and dull. My boots have a brocade print inspired by the oriental designs and my waist bag has the same color combination but the pattern is different. I loved having found these two items with the same idea of colors. It was perfect to wear with several other outfits.

Mixing and matching color and patterns.    Photo and editing by Inez Devereaux.











Underneath the top, I wore a transparent pink nude color blouse to balance the colors and patterns.  I did the same with my makeup. I wore the same shades of my clothes.So, the secret is: choose two different prints that share a single color of your shoes or pants or any other clothing or accessory that you want to combine. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Just trying to learn right? we did this in various aspects of our lives, all the time.You can do a lot of combinations when you decide to dress to kill. lol!

Here some tips:

  • Use cores that match each other.
  • Use the exact same pattern in a larger or smaller scale. look how cute it is!
  • If you want to use the same pattern, just invert the colors. It’s very classy and trendy!
  • You can choose one print to dominate and one as an accent.It works pretty well.
  • Use stripes and florals, or stripes and stripes. Animal prints and florals. Plaids and stripes, polka dots and florals or stripes… the possibilities are endless!

UP 1
Color, prints, flowers, Beatles -Uptown cheapskate, Austin, Tx.      Photo Inez Devereaux
UP 2
Prints power, paisley, ultraviolet shoes, animal print in the same colors by Uptown cheapskate, Austin, TX.     Photo Inez Devereaux
Examples of mixing prints, from Google.

Insta Takeover Story

What I am wearing?

Diane von Furstenberg Silk Firework Print Top, I bought at Uptown Cheapskate, Austin, TX


My eco-friendly Lace up skinny pants by BLANKNYC.

My floral brocade boots by Italina

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