I love my age! I think I loved all my ages… Maybe not. A teenager it was a difficult phase.I thought about this post last night and woke up wanting to own a t-shirt with the number my age, but it would not be possible immediately so I decided to write in the photos using one computer program. It was easier than I thought! I found an old tank top and, as you can see, I wore it on the wrong side. I just realized the error after the photos were ready. No problem, I edited it. This is just a ‘little problem’ of age! lol!


I can tell you, my preferred age is now cause I have no choice right? of course getting old is not easy. I’m afraid one day I’ll be sick, I’m afraid when I’m in my 80s, I’ll be mad as my father was. I feel a lot of pain in my body, I have high blood pressure and diabetes because of my genetics. But I accept all this and I thank every day to the universe for being who I am and for being here healthy and confident until now. I Am very vain and I love to take care of my appearance. I’m 57 years old and I guess what?


I’m reinventing myself again when I decided to create a blog. I do not speak perfect English because I’m Brazilian and I speak Portuguese. I’m learning so much and this for me is a daily gift.


Believe me, believe in yourself! Age is just a number.we are equal to good wines, when older is better, if well cared for, of course. I’m sorry about my English, like I sad, I still learning!



what am I wearing?

  • An old tank top, a pair of jeans, high rise by Mavi. I got this at Uptown cheapskate Austin.
  • My old pair of leather boots from 80″s.  Brand: Jonh Richmond- Destroy- made in the UK
  • Earrings from my personal collection
  • Ring by Swarovski Nirvana jet black crystal
  • Another ring made by myself. see picture below
  • Mini bag  from New York Goodwill


Thank you for reading my post. We talk later!

Feel free to leave a comment. I will love!

The aging paradox: The older we get, the happier we are !


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