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The silly face

Look at this silly face when I was able to take a picture of myself using a little remote. For me, a simple beginner it was a success. True! I am one does everything so I’m setting up a home photo studio, I’m building this website/blogger by myself, I edit my own photos, I’m my personal stylist, I’m my makeup artist, I’m my hair stylist, I’m the type that likes a challenge. I like to reinvent myself and rediscover myself every day. I think that’s why I feel like the young soul.

I’m not ashamed to show everyone that I keep learning new things day after day. No one is born knowing everything right? I bet there are thousands of women in my age who are going to love my articles because they are true without fake beauty, fake joy, a fake ”perfect life” that we all see every day on social networks.

OK. Let’s talk about the photos and the studio. at first, I simply nailed a bedsheet on the wall, after of course to have watched a thousand videos on youtube about how to construct a home studio. well, it did not work very well first because my cat Lola had a lot of fun climbing the bedsheet on the wall and made everything collapse. the second thing is a very wrinkled background and I would spend hours editing to remove the wrinkles (wrinkles are already enough of my face lol ! )


After one week I find a good deal at jet.com and I ordered a complete studio for beginners of course and they work pretty good and the price OMG! it was amazing!

I did not have time to take good pictures to post here because they arrived last night and I spent a few hours of my sleep to set it up and just did some testing. I’ll post all the pics here soon.

jet studio

i and my studio

check the link if you need one:


Maybe you want to know how I edited my pics. It’s easy. I use Pickmomkey.


My camera is Nikon D3200.


My remote control is Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control Transmitter

Image 1

It works great and the price is very good.


For today is enough. Talk to latter!

Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to ask anything or leave comments.

Inez Devereaux


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