Self-portrait by Inez Devereaux

Boho style is a modern use, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. That’s me! Think comfort. A key ingredient in Boho Chic style is comfort — you’ll see a lot of soft, loose-fitting, flowy clothes, often worn in layers. Flower tops, boots and Maxi dresses (full-length, usually loose-fitting dresses) are a great example of the flowy comfort common to Boho Chic. Don’t forget a hat of course.  Bohemian style often referred to as “boho” or “boho chic” is a style of dressing that was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s though it is possible to trace the roots back further. The essence of bohemian is focusing on free and flowy fabrics. Think of free people!

Self-portrait by Inez Devereaux
Selfie of the day
Another Selfie of the day




                               HOME DECOR BOHO STYLE

I love the r “Boho,” to decorating my house too. This style is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, as our lives, and interesting items for all the world to see. It flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual. My lifestyle reflects on my artwork. All my paintings, jewelry I’ve made has a Bohemian essence and my home decor too. Below some photos from my artwork.



Painting from my art exhibition ”Hysteria” in 2014 Brazil



Inez art
Painting from my art exhibition ”Hysteria” in 2014 Brazil



My home detail



inez art work decor
Paintings made by me



Garden terrace detail



Necklaces made by me



Mix and match on the bedroom



Paintings made by me 



Dream of the day: Joshua Tree on Mojave desert.

I was dreaming I was in the Mojave desert. The most incredible landscape I have seen in my life! Since the first time I saw a Joshua tree, I fell in love. I made a search to figure out what this tree symbolizes. The Joshua tree symbolizes the strength and beauty that can arise from difficulties in the desert. This tree has grown in the direction of the wind rather than standing up straight. This is my motto! Like most desert dwellers, Joshua trees have developed a suite of adaptations to survive in the desert. Because there is no groundwater to draw on, the succulent (not technically a tree) lacks the deep taproot of plants that grow in wetter climes.  Flexibility is an important activity in my life. To be flexible against all the strong winds that I faced during my life and did not break.

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

A Joshua tree is a hearty desert tree that indicates perseverance, resourcefulness, and taking care of yourself.

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

”Having a dream about a Joshua Tree is a positive omen indicating that you are prepared for the challenges that are heading your way and that you are in a place in your life positioned to thrive.”

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

”Joshua tree are generally good omens for a dream but also call attention to yourself and resting when you are over extending yourself. Many people don’t know it but Joshua Trees have the same healing and calming qualities as St. John’s Wart. The trees are sturdy desert natives that thrive on harsh desert heat and lack of water.”

Self-portrait – Photo alteration by Inez Devereaux

”Being in the desert has its own meaning and can be interpreted as the landscape of your life. When you are having many dreams or reoccurring dreams of Joshua trees this can be an indication of being or feeling desolate in your own life. Consider the meaning of a desert in your dream as well or the other surrounding. Sometimes the Joshua tree will be in a weird place – such as in a mountain forest or by an ocean. This is a warning dream that your life is about to take a change into a new direction and you need to be prepared for a dry spell ahead.”

All the photos were taken by me in my home photography studio. I choose beautiful images about the desert and used it to illustrate my dream. I think I am a kind of Joshua Tree, an interesting example of how a plant (in this case I) can adapt to different environments. This is me!

Thank you for your read! I hope you like and feel free to leave a comment.

Inez R Devereaux


Visual merchandise – part 2: How create a great VM with used clothes from different times and makes them so actual and shoppable like a new 2018 spring-summer collection?

Today I will show some examples of VM I have done. I like to tell the customer a kinda of history about what we talking about. What is the theme? Summer? Easter or 70’s? Can be anything we need to sell or the ultimate hit fashion style, do not matter what we need is create an atmosphere around the product. By telling a story, you help the customer better understand the product and enable the buying decision. One perfect combo to spring/summer is jeans and white. It’s classic and everybody like! In this picture below I choose a jeans romper and I accessorized with a blue hat and cute blue stone necklace. Another option I choose a denim dress and I put a beautiful blouse inside. The blue fringe necklace talks the same language! Most of the customer will ask to try on some of those separate products but my idea it was shown them more products as I can. These clothes have something in common, they are summerly, the colors match and they are very beautiful together. The pictures were shotted in different days and weeks.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux
VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Another option was a Tencel denim dress, blue denim color stone necklace. Below I framed a jeans article from a magazine and I display at the front table. Everybody see how jeans are fashionable again and create a desire to buy something like that.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux
VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

I did the same thing in the men’s section. All the clothes are in denim fabric and all accessories are blue jeans color as well. I used the same complementary color white. So, the entire store is talking about summer jeans outfits with perfect color harmony.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Here I am talking about warm spring/summer colors. I love to mix and match. I enjoyed the different patterns in 2 different colors. red and white and black and white. Staying in a singular palette will keep our outfit from looking thrown together. My pieces are warm and bright so, my complementary patterns that are in the same color story.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Plaid and stripes are one of the most versatile patterns ever created. Equally welcome in all looks from grunge to prep, to boys and girls and to a classic style. One more time, color coordination is the key. Red and white plaids with a white t-shirt with red details on text and besides the red and white striped shirt, red tennis shoes with striped detail.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Here is another history… At the endcaps, I mixed and matched navy color stripes at the tank top, anchor pattern in navy blue shorts and finalized with ruffles jeans shirt. Accessorised with a vintage leather bag and Panama cute hat. Pearls and pirates to open our imagination. But I continued talking about how we can use jeans outfits at the summer days.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

At the high shelf, I choose a vintage white shirt with a cowboy theme embroidered, leather high heels sandals and colorful leather purse.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

Reminiscing 90’s and rock n roll nothing is better than denim vest and colorful stripes accessorized with floral baseball caps and orange chain necklace.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

This is a mix of grunge generation and rock! T-shirt, black and white plaid shirt, distressed jeans shorts and funny belt pack and spikes. The black leather beret is a must-have!

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

The BOHO style is the girl’s preference. So, at the table, I mixed colorful floral romper, beads belt, hat and a pink purse. The other girl, t-shirt, a cute blue and white cardigan sleeveless and mini skirt jeans.

VM ad photos by Inez R Devereaux

On the high shelf, I made a classic BOHO CHIC style, where a choose neutrals colors on the crochet blouse and on bags around.

This is my examples to create a great VM on the retail store. All these products are used and from different times but the way we can be combined it makes them so actual and shoppable like a new 2018 spring collection right?

Thanks for your read! Free feel to leave a comment to me.

Inez R Devereaux

THE YEAR 1997 – My first fashion work as a stylist. Summer catalog of the brand Vide Bula Jeanswear. Photographed in Mojave Desert, California.

what can I say about a fashion designer life? well, the life of a fashion designer may seem glamorous and it is!. Afterall we are surrounded by beauty all the time. From the development of the sketches to the models wearing the garments on the runway, fashion design is an exciting job, but it is very demanding as well. Everything we do needs to be correct and at the time. Delays are allowed! We work under pressure all the time. we, fashion designers, may be called to perform many different duties. Being a fashion designer is not just sitting around sketching ideas all day but, it means include visiting manufacturers and fashion fairs  to pick out the best fabrics for the collection, study fashion trends to anticipate designs that will appeal to consumers, searching through countless bolts of fabric to find the perfect color and texture, creation of labels, buttons, rivets, metals, and tags. Decide what we are gonna talk about in the collection, it means: what is the collection’s theme? Once the fabrics are found and purchased, we will need to design the collection and of course work with our team members to create a prototype. we spend a lot of time creating and visualizing an idea and praying for them be approved. Some designers still sketch these ideas by hand, I started like that, but soon I fell in love with computers and design programs during my career so I use a computer design program to do everything and I love it! I continue learning and more passionate day by day! When the new collection is ready, we start a new phase: Convention/ fashion lecture and runaway show for sales representatives on the seminars, styling for photo shoots to technical and conceptual catalogs, celebrity styling, and fashion shows. Present design ideas about our collection to the photographer and choose the models. Explain to makeup and hair team what we want so they can figure out appropriate hair and makeup to go with the desired looks. Finding the best place to be used for a Photo Shoot and dressing the models in the outfit that was selected to use in the shoot and much more! Every day, we need to put into play many of our skills, including design knowledge, creativity, understanding of fabric and textile, artistic ability, communication skills and calmness (this is very difficult.Lol!).  The work is very challenging, so a day in the life of a fashion designer is very exciting, full of tasks!

Well, its time to talking about my first unforgettable experience as a stylist when I was 37 years old. Well, its time to talking about my first unforgettable experience as a stylist with I was 37 years old.

It was a long long time ago! 1997 wow! At this time I was working in the huge and amazing fashion industry in Brazil the name was VIDE BULA. It was an unforgettable wonderful time in my life! This company it was my second family, my second school and my first big opportunity to grow as a fashion designer and human being. Suddenly, the boss of the company decides to make a fashion catalog of summer in California and there we go! Me and Marina Barros ( Advertise media department) flighted to San Diego, CA  carrying in our luggage all clothes to be photographed. It was crazy and fun! The photo shoot location was magical, the staff amazing, and the models gorgeous! Marina toke care for everything! She rented a motorhome, she contracted the catering service and organized the agenda. Intense work days but the final results it was impeccable! I am so thankful to Vide Bula Family!

Look some pics here! Unfortunately, I don’t have all of them.

Cover Vide Bula catalog 1997 - Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California, CA
Ali Larter was campaign model.
Cover Vide Bula Fashion Catalog in 1997
Cover of Vide Bula Fashion Catalog in 1997 – The Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California.
Ali Larter for Vide Bula summer catalog in 1997.
Ali Larter for Vide Bula summer catalog in 1997. Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California.
Charles Andrews Vide Bula catalog -1987
Charles Andrews Vide Bula catalog -1987 in Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California Photographed by Don Diaz
Ali Larter for Vide Bula Summer catalog 1997 in Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California.
Ali Larter for Vide Bula Summer catalog 1997 in Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California.
Charles Andrews  for Vide  bula summer 1997 in Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California
Charles Andrews for Vide Bula summer 1997 in Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California
Ali casual Mohave Desert 1997
Another pic on Mohave Desert by Don Diaz Model: Ali Larter
Pause in LA - meeting with models and stylist at Motorhome
Pause in LA – meeting with another models and stylist at Motorhome
Beauty time because i deserve too!
Beauty time because I deserve too!
Just waiting
Just waiting…


I hope all the wonderful people who did this job with me see this post and make a contact. I will be so happy!

  • Fashion designers: Roberta Lombardi, Giacomo Lombardi, Inez Ribeiro Devereaux, Feu Dias.
  • Photographer: Don Diaz.
  • Makeup/hair: Kelly Rene.
  • Stylist: Dana Marasca , Inez Ribeiro Devereaux.
  • Executive producer: Marina Barros.
  • Art director: Roberta Lombardi.
  • Produced by VGBS Graphic Studio- Juliana Lombardi, Adilson Moreira

Thanks for your reading! Sorry but English is my second language. I am still learning.

The beginning of my career as a fashion designer, stylist, and graphic designer.

Today I am starting a new post on my website/blog where I look back to the past and remember all the work that I’ve done in 30 years working in the fashion industry. I knew since as a 3-year-old I wanted to express myself through fashion and art. I was born and raised seeing my mother sewing for her clientele. My mother was my biggest inspiration to become what I am today. I learned everything with her, to be a professional, be a mother, to be brave, to be me! I started my career as a model in 1976. OMG! Take a look at my pictures from that time. So today I decided to start posting some of the first work I did as a model and when I opened my first business a fashion company name Rottulo. My mom and I worked at our company for 11 years. We started in our basement and within a few years we had employed 200+ people.

Model 16 yrs
My first photo shoot as a model. I was 16 years old
Inez model 16 yrs 2
My first photo shoot as a model. I was 16 years old
Newspaper fashion editorial
Newspaper fashion editorial in 1986.

In the 1980s fashion was one of the most experimental periods in style history. I remember clothes were used to define personalities and make big statements even more than now. Fashion wasn’t “fast-fashion” (like fast-food) and disposable, there were local people working together that were very passionate about the product. The shoulders were padded right up to your ears! No doubt about it, it was a crazy era. The ’80s was a decade of bold style, colors, and geometric silhouettes (also permed hair was must-have!  Check out how curly my hair was, but with an almost triangular shape to it), with trends that went from ripped tights and leather, to polished oversized blazers. 10 years later I started my first fashion company with my mom. The name of the brand was ROTTULO. At that time we created and manufactured women and men’s fashion and jeanswear apparel. In that time didn’t have computers or the internet, it was a very different time from today. Everything was made BY HAND from scratch. The jeanswear in Brazil was getting bigger and we had a lot of success. This is an invitation postcard I created for my winter collection in 1986 to invite multi-brand store-owners to go our showroom to make purchases to sell in their stores. (you can see more of the invitation designs I created below)

1 invitation 1986
Invitation Postcard – winter 1986 created by me for my Company ROTTULO JEANSWEAR.
Postcard Invitation – Summer 1986/87 created by me for my Company ROTTULO JEANSWEAR.
Summer 1988 invitation
Summer 1988 invitation postcard created by me.
Paper tags and invitation
invitation postcard fall/winter 1988 and paper tags created by me



Some woven labels I designed and used in our products
invitation Summer 1991
Invitation postcard Summer 1991


Invitation Fall 1990
Postcard Invitation Fall/Winter 1990

At that time I was married, a mother of 2 kids and kind of celebrity in the fashion industry in Brazil. I found some of the interviews for newspapers that were published at that time. I feel so glad to have saved them, so I can post them and reminisce the good old days!


Newspaper interview about me and my fashion collections.
Rottulo (my fashion brand)  in the newspaper’s interviews.





That’s all for today.  I will be continuing posting these, but it takes some time to find all this in boxes LOL – Thanks for reading!